Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pass the Concealer Please!

The deadline has come and gone...and I am wore out. Insert your biggest exclamation point here!

Working a full day last Saturday and the insanely busy day on Monday has left me with no energy and is killing my perfect housewife image. It's just not the same when your serving homemade quiche with dark circles under your eyes and your hair is all over the place. At least it was made with love.

I have managed to slowly make progress on a few craft projects. The crocheted skirt is now 3 rows bigger....I can officially use it as a belt now. My stuffed pillow chair is designed (drawn out on newspaper and drafted in my head) and I am in the process of cutting up the jeans into neat squares and rectangles. I am excited to start sewing the pieces together and having the chair take shape. It's always an amazing moment when something I think up in my head comes to life, I just can't wait!