Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How dare you steal my bed!

Chevy (the cat) has had a bed of his own next to my side of the bed for a long time. During the move his "Kitty Cube" aka bed, turned into a dog toy box. Their old toy box was the bottom of his kennel and I needed that to move him from trailer to house. Unfortunately for Chevy, I like the "Kitty Cube" as a Dog toy box...they can't dump all their toys out easily, it is foam so they can't hurt it and it is the perfect size. Don't worry about Chevy though, because he is well taken care of. Instead of his "Kitty Cube", he now has a deluxe Chevy Bed........

Here is Chevy checking it out, before I put the final reinforcements and cushion on it...

Looks like he approved.


1) Cut Cardboard to form a cube.

2) Cut fabric to cover Cardboard.

3) Hot glue fabric to cardboard.

4) Hot glue cube pieces together.

5) Reinforce corners...drill some holes and use yarn to tie them together.

Cushion was made with an old tee shirt and stuffed will scrap fabric and old batting.

Final product...approved by Chevy. (I think he likes it, although I did rub fresh Cat Nip on the cushion)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Make it Fabulous

The old owners of our house left two old ugly matching seventies looking lamps. I generally love old vintage style, but these look like they wouldn't of been in style even back then. Here's the lamp...
I like the shape of these lamps and the holes. Also they are big lamps, they sit about 3 feet tall. I decided to give them an updated makeover. All I needed was some spray paint, foil and masking tape.

My first step was masking off the area for the green. I used foil, because it molds to the surface which makes it easier to block off the area. The blue tape is just painter edging tape. Then spray away!

For the black, I did not mask off the area. Instead I wanted the black to blend into the green.

And here is the final product!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sitting in "MY" Craft Room

The craft room open for business. All boxes have been emptied and placed on shelves or in drawers. Organizing all the supplies is the next step, which may not be for a little while. This last Monday, for the first time since the move, I finally sat down in the craft room, gathered supplies and started crafting. It felt great!!
This is just a quick project to announce to family and friends our new address. The picture isn't the greatest, doesn't show the texture or dimension of the paper. Hooray for Craft Rooms!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Photo Safari

Last Saturday, two good friends and I woke up early, guzzled down espresso and with cameras in toe, headed off on a "Photo Safari". All of us will be working on a craft project called "Photograph your City/Town". We traveled around town, hiked up trails and even saw things we haven't seen before. Here are a few photos of our trip...

We will be doing this again!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Couldn't Resist

The weather for the past week has been in the low 70's. You must believe me when I say that 70 degrees in Alaska is like 90 degrees elsewhere. The reason, well could be a combination of a few things...being in the Northern Hemisphere means we are closer to the sun...our sky is very clear...who knows the exact reason but the sun is defiantly hotter!

So the other night I am sitting with my husband watching TV, talking and trying to cool down when I hear the most beautiful music, the ice cream lady. "Do you have any cash? Where is she? I hear her!" We paused the TV, sat very quiet, and tried to figure out what street she was on. I step out on the porch to look for her. Unfortunately the sound disappeared. She went down a different street. I grabbed $10 and sat it on the coffee table just in case she came back.

About 5 minutes later I hear her, in the time it takes me to grab my money and open my front door there she is. I ran out and flagged her down! She stops, gets out, looks at me and giggles to herself (and continues to giggle at me). She laughs at me for wanting ice cream!

I get inside the house with my two $4.50 (each) ice cream cookie sandwiches. Look at my husband and start laughing uncontrollably. "She was laughing at me....I feel so ashamed." Is it wrong for a 29 year old to run after the ice cream lady on a hot day??

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Judge Me

So the June art show is over, summer solstice has come and gone and we are losing a little daylight each and every day. A friend of mine picked up my art and delivered ALL of my art pieces to guessed it I sold nothing! I shouldn't care, art is subjective, not everyone will like what you make, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed. I worked very hard on my pieces and thought they were unique, interesting and cool. I even kept the price reasonable. Some of the other art pieces were priced up to $75 or more. I feel a little set back and this will surely not help with my crafting self esteem.

The goal is to start making money selling crafts, but at this rate I will never get up off the ground.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What the....?

It is sad times for the crafters on my island of paradise. WalMart is taking away the fabric department! Most of the fabric is already gone and just an empty space remains. I was told that they are expanding the electronics department.

The craft department is already fairly scarce. They are only carrying two brands of yarn, the fake flower section is made up of a few leaves and two or three different flowers, and everything else seems to only give you a few selections. The fabric section wasn't' the greatest, but was a nice alternative when you didn't want to spend $10.00 a yard for fabric at the locally owned fabric store. (yes I typed that price correctly) When I think about sewing, I think of making my own clothes, curtains, bags, blankets, and doing all of this for less money than I could buy these things. If I am going to spend $30 (or more) and my time to make one shirt, is it worth it when I can buy something already made for less? I still believe it may be for the uniqueness, but other than that I am not sure.

WalMart what have you done to me!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It only took four days, but we are moved in!!!

I took off Friday and Monday to finish up and get settled, so I had a full four day weekend. (too bad it wasn't lounging drinking margaritas in the sun). All day Friday was spend packing and moving out every last bit of our stuff we could. We left our mattress, TV, kennel, clean clothes, vacuum, cleaning supplies and bathroom stuff in the master bedroom, since they are remodeling it they told us we didn't need to shampoo that carpet. This would be our place to sleep and unwind till we moved. Saturday was spent cleaning every last inch of the place....window and window sills, carpet, fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, oven (we even pulled it out to clean around it)...the place looked as it did the first day we moved in. We did such a good job that we treated ourselves to a couple "liquor" drinks and Taco Bell that night.

The plan for the big move-in husband would meet "the landlord" at 10:00am at the house, to help haul things in his pickup truck. I would stay at the trailer consolidate our stuff and finish cleaning the bedroom and bathroom since we've been using it. Swap houses!

20 minutes till 10:00am Saturday morning there is a knock on our front door, I am in my pj's, my husband is getting in the shower. It's "the landlords" wife.

"You need to move your vehicles! I have people here with pickup trucks full of stuff and your in the way!" *picture mega witch voice*

So we move the vehicles, explain that her husband told us to meet at the house at 10am so we were unprepared for her to be there so early. She didn't care! While I drive to McDonald's to get breakfast, my husband hops into the shower. In the time I am gone, "the landlords" wife yells at my husband for being there....

"Why is there stuff in the fridge and freezer, you guys were suppose to be gone, why are you here? You still have stuff here, why aren't you gone!!! I have stuff to move in and my cat is in the car, and you guys just need to get your stuff out!"

My husband takes everything out of the fridge and freezer and puts it in a box (which sits in the bedroom for an hour and a half). We load up what we can which include our animals. He takes off to the house while I stay and clean. When he gets to the house, there is no place to put the food in the refrigerator, and my poor animals get stuck in a bedroom by themselves. It will take us only one more truckload to move the last little bit of stuff out of the trailer, time 12:30pm. "The landlord" tells us he need till 6pm to finish moving out and cleaning, so we go to the parents house and hang out......

6:30pm we show up at our house...everything is out! It is our house!

Unfortunately cleaning was not a priority, the fridge was so gross I had to scrape things off of the shelve to clean it, the toilet hadn't been wiped down after he used it last, the tub was dirty, the stove top was dirty, the pantry had crumbs on the shelves, there was cat hair embedded in the curtains...and I could go on, but I won't bore you with that, it was just gross. Why did I spend 14 hours cleaning the trailer if this is what I was left with here?

The is just dirt and I know how to clean.

Monday we settled in, unpacked the kitchen, master bedroom and living room. Still lots to do but for now we are happy home owners. Next project....CRAFT ROOM!!!