Thursday, May 5, 2011

Works in Progress and An Obsession with Patterns

It seems that of late, I start a new project, get halfway thru, then get bored, or can't decide how I want to finish it, and start another project.  This is a very bad cycle to get stuck in.  At the moment I have five unfinished projects and two projects that I have the yarn set aside for.  I also found this beautiful ribbon yarn at the local fiber store that I am determined to find something to do with, so I can buy it.  Oh and I can't forget another project idea to make my Easter Lillie's pots prettier. 

Collecting more and more patterns, though is going quite well.  It is almost an obsession.  Everyday, two or three times, I check Raverly for new patterns.  I have so many saved that it would take me months, maybe years, to finish them all.

So lots of patterns and ideas, but no finished projects.  This must get turned around.