Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Break From Crafts...or not!

The hubby and I took a drive out the road to one of the State Parks on the island. We wanted to let the dogs run around and I wanted to pick Salmonberries and Russian Berries.

After a while searching for something else, I found some yarn in the van and decided to search the forest for "knitting needles" aka sticks that were the same size. I used my husbands knife to trim down the nubs and create a point at the tip and a rock to smooth things out. Piece of cake and they work great too!

Spade didn't do much running around, mainly just slept in the van. Her age is really showing these days.

Of course crazy man Kane ran around the entire time we were there. He had so much fun, that his muscles were actually sore the next day.