Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craft Shows

When you are walking thru a craft fair what items catch your eye?

The holiday season is approaching and that means holiday craft fairs by the dozen. I am ready to jump in with both feet and have ideas as to what I want to sell but need input from my fellow readers.

What crochet items are you more likely to buy?
Would you spend $15 - $20 on a handmade journal?

Email or leave a comment here.....all will be appreciated. Peace.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Tattoo Warmers

Because Tattoos need to stay warm too....

I am slowly building my collection of handmade Wrist Warmers for my professional dress code. BLOGGED HERE.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ooooo So Good! And I made it all by myself!

I am not sure I could pin point what I love most about Salmonberry Jelly.

Gathering is so much fun. I usually try to go in the evening when it isn't so hot and it tends to be quieter. Tromping thru the bushes, dodging spiders, filling up buckets with berries and even munching on a few. I have found the last two years the best place to go is the same place I got married, which makes the picking of the berries that much more special.
Making the Jelly....the kitchen turns into a huge production line. All the berries get smooshed, and smashed until there is nothing left of them except seeds and juice. I never quite know how much juice I will get. Measure this, measure that, boil then add that, it's like a science experiment, that your not sure you did it right till the end.

The final product....all I can say is........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Wants Cake?

I truly believe that a person should eat a piece of cake everyday of their life, because no matter what kind of cake it is, it gives you a sense of celebration...and in life everyday should be a celebration! And of course cake is just yummy! For my hubby's birthday I wanted to make the cake. I had in my mind an idea for a cake that was two playing cards, since he was playing a game of cards with his buddies during his party.

The cake.....
Two boxes of vanilla cake mix.
Two Cream Cheese frosting.
One Red frosting for decorating.
One Black frosting for decorating.

Nothing to it...a piece of cake!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Know I'm a Slacker

So it's been over a week which means I should have tons of projects to post right? Wrong. It is that time of year again where work is busy busy busy (corporate tax deadline).

This is our new gate for the dogs. Why do we have a gate you may ask...well last Monday when I got home after work, I let the dogs out in the backyard to go potty. I then left them alone so I could put my stuff down and go potty myself. In that two minutes Spade (the one on the left) disappeared.
Some may say oh no big deal, my dog gets out all the time and comes back a little while later. For Spade, it is a big deal. She never travels far from her chair and even needs coxing to go outside to go potty. When we travel to the beach she keeps a small distance between me and her, about 3 feet. She is 11 years old and doesn't move that fast. So for her to run away, it is a big deal. As soon as I noticed she wasn't in the back yard, I circled the Spade, I looked under the Spade, I looked up and down the Spade. At this time my husband got home and I told him what was going on. For the next 5 hours I walked and walked and drove around the neighborhood. She didn't come home that night and I did not find her anywhere.
The next morning I got ready for work with 3 hours sleep and holding tears back thinking we weren't going to find her. I couldn't stop thinking about her and decided to call in to work. The search began again....Animal Shelter, Animal Control, Vets office, radio station, newspaper and every stop sign I could get to got a poster. At 3 pm while I am walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors, Animal control calls.....
"Someone called about a black dog in their back yard since last night. I think it may be Spade. Go check it out and let me know if it is her."
I ran to that house, and the owner was out front. "Do you have a dark brown dog around here?" We walked to the back of the house and she opened her entry Spade. My heart sank. Another dead end. Then there was movement to my left in the was Spade!!!
We now have a gate! Built out of some frames and fencing left by the old owner.