Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Now What??

For the last 2 1/2 weeks, I have been planning on getting "the husband" an iphone for Christmas. I have had to wait, because if I would of purchased it 2 1/2 weeks ago the cell phone service company would of sent his phone a text saying "Thanks for purchasing your new iphone", or of course I could of just deactivated his current phone because he won't notice, right?

Yesterday I decided that I can't wait any longer, I did not want the cell phone service company to sell out. After waiting for 45 minutes, I am finally helped. The clerk gets the iphone and then terror strikes with a single piece of paper..................the monthly plans.....$90.00 a month is the basic of all basic plans! If "the husband" wants to actually have access to all the features of the phone (which costs $200, and is "locked" so we couldn't take this phone to another company), the monthly plan is $130! This price outrages me. I left the store empty handed and very stressed out.

From the store I drove straight home, walked in the house, didn't say a word to "the husband", didn't greet the dogs, opened up the freezer, grabbed my bottle of Bacardi, took one good swig straight from the bottle.....and then one more, then greeted my family.

It is now Christmas Eve, the present I was going to get "the husband" is not going to happen, the other presents I would of purchased for him I had to get online and I don't think I can get someone to expedite something to a remote island in Alaska on Christmas Eve...I feel defeated.

One more thing, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I woke up at three thirty in the morning with a terrible toothache, and tried to fall back asleep quickly with no avail. Four o'clock I was still awake in pain so to the pain killers I went. Unfortunately the pain killers took what felt like a lifetime to kick in, but I was finally able to fall back asleep (no idea when that was), and I received a little bit more sleep before JACK FM woke me up at six.

The achy tooth has given me problems off and on, but with no insurance and expensive living (food, gas, etc) I have tried to put off doing something about it. With the little episode last night I decided I can no longer put it off, daily doses of Tylenol isn't going to fix the problem. So I called my dentist this morning to schedule an appointment.

The receptionist, "Well, let me see...the earliest appointment...I can get you in January 29th..."

JANUARY 29TH!!! Are you kidding me?? My tooth hurts and the earliest I can get in is over a month from now!!

I called around to other dentists and received the same response. I am beginning to learn living here that you do not wait to schedule things other wise you will be waiting even longer.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


On the extremely long drive to work today, (mile and a half, come on I know you feel sorry for me), I did as I always do and looked at the price of gas as I passed the gas station...$3.04!!

Some of you may laugh at that price, or even gasp at it being so high. I, on the other hand am thrilled, that on this remote island by the time I need gas again I may pay even less than that...I have 1/4 tank left. When gas spiked to such high prices all over the US, the highest price here hit $3.94. At that price I seriously thought about commuting on my bike.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowboarding in a Tank Top and Shorts

As of yet my quiet little town hasn't seen much snow. At least not any that has stayed on the ground for a long length of time, the rain has washed it all away. Excited to get out and snowboard for the first time since I moved to the island, I waxed my board right before we received a huge rain storm. I am brilliant like that! In order for me to go snowboarding now, I have to hike up to the top of a mountain.

The solution...Shawn Whites Snowboarding Road Trip on the Wii!!!

I have been waiting for the local WalMart or game shop to have the game for some time now. It hit the stores everywhere else in the middle of November, unfortunately things on this island take a lot longer or never arrive (Internet shopping is a must, but watch out for shipping charges). Our local Blockbuster actually had it in stock, so last Friday I rented the game as something to do while the guys played cards. To play the game you ride the Wii board. It is placed sideways, as if you are on a snowboard. In order to turn, you lean forward and jump, you bend down and then stand up straight (as if to jump, but don't jump on the gets mad at you), you also preform tricks, carve, ride rails etc...loads and loads of fun.

Friday night I played for 4 1/2 hours.
aturday, I convinced my husband to play it with me and we played for 5 hours.
unday we played for another 5 hours.

We are hooked and almost finished with the game, who needs snow to snowboard anyway!

Unfortunately after 15 hours of "snowboarding" I can barely walk up and down the stairs to work. I thought video games where supposed to make me lazy and fat..?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Don't be Sad, I love you all!"

At any given time I have at the very least 4 or 5 unfinished projects just sitting around the house waiting for the next time I will pay attention to them. I imagine they may even cry a little at night, my sad unfinished, pushed aside projects. This past week I have been dedicated to work on two of these sad unfinished projects.

The shrug!! At first glance a funny piece of clothing...sleeves but no body. I am very fond of the shrug. Bought my first one 5 years ago when they were not in style and everyone really couldn't decide if they liked it or not. "Oh....that is...cute! Keeps your arms warm I bet?" More or less they were trying to say, "You look cute in it, but that's because your weird anyway, and we expect you to wear weird things. You'll never catch me in that thing. I sure hope you didn't spend a lot of money on that thing!" The shrug I am working on now, is black and crocheted worked in a shell stitch. I am finished with the body and now just need to decide how I want the cuffs.

Next is the crocheted cotton skirt. Why I decided to take on a big project like a skirt after crocheting my wedding dress is beyond me. Don't ask cause I have no answers. I would like to say it is a third done. Each night I try to at least work on 3-5 rows. I am working the body in the same multi-color yarn and will be adding strips of solid colors toward the middle and bottom of the skirt. And Let me tell you, I am more than ready to change colors and stitches.

Maybe by next week I will have two happy finished projects.