Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Like I Needed A New Bag

Bags for me, are like shoes for some girls.  I have tons of them!  One day at the yarn store I found this beautiful Recycled Sari Silk yarn.  Regardless of the price, I had to have it.  The only problem would be to find the perfect thing to make with it.  The skein of yarn doesn't have that much yardage.  Plus it is so beautiful, it would have to be something that you wore or used a lot.  A Bag!!!


I deconstructed an old leather jacket, that I did not like and was too big for me, to use as the body.  Added a polka dot liner.  Using the Sari Silk yarn, crocheted the leather and liner together at the top.  Then again with the Sari Silk yarn crocheted the strap.  To finish it off, added a handmade wooden button.