Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hap-hap-happy Feet

"Happy feet! I've got those hap-hap-happy feet!
Give them a low-down beat
And they begin dancing!
I've got those ten little tip-tap-tapping toes,
When they hear a tune
I can't control the dancing, dear,
To save my soul!
(By Cab Calloway )

Crotcheted in a navy blue with yellow trim, in cotton yarn, my feet proudly wear a new pair of house shoes.  After testing a few other designs, and only finishing one shoe because I didn't like how they turned out, I almost give up on the idea of house shoes.  Then magic happened!  After completing the first shoe, I put it on, ready to laugh at how it looked on my feet, but to my surprise it looked great!  (and fit perfectly)

After completing the pair I slid them on my feet and propped them on my coffee table.  With a big smile on my face I turned to my husband, "Look honey, I have happy feet!".

I like everything about them, except the button.  I think I will replace those with some bigger ones.  I also think it might be nice to put a thin liner inside.  These cute house shoes will be great around the house, on the deck and yard.  Plus they are small and flexible enough to throw in my purse, so they can come with me.