Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Ladies

After posting yesterday, I really felt the need to do a small project that could be finished in one sitting.  It helps me stay interested when I can accomplish something quickly.  Immediate satisfaction is a wonderful thing.

With leftovers on the menu for dinner and a two mile walk still pacing through my veins, I had the energy and attention to make some crochet hair ties.  I remember seeing this crochet item at craft fairs.  Usually in bright childish colors adorned with loud plastic beads.  Not really something an adult would use to tie their hair up with, or any kid older than 8.

For mine I chose earthy colors and no beads.  Although some wooden beads sparsely crocheted in them might be a nice touch.

The two lacy hair ties were made from patterns I found on Raverly.  The "Scrunchies" are my own design, pattern coming soon.