Monday, August 9, 2010

Afraid? Me?

"I think you are afraid to finish anything", my husband tells me regarding all of my unfinished projects.
"No I am not!"

Now I think he may be right.  The Gnome house for my niece was 95% done a week and a half ago.  I just needed to make one more little kid, and give the first kid arms.  That is only an hour (or two) worth's of work.  An hour, and it took me a week and a half.  I did finish it and mailed it off last Saturday.

I finally started taking in some of my pants, which are all to big now.  Total weight lost so far? 23 pounds.  (The last 10 is hanging on.)  BUT I just couldn't finish all of them.  It is really easy and I have all of them marked, which is the time consuming part of the job.  So why did I leave pants undone?

The vest/shirt I picked back up, sitting on the bottom shelf of the coffee table.  Little progress has been made.  I would love to make an inventory of all my unfinished projects, maybe seeing them lined out on paper would give me incentive to either finish them or scrap them.

So, am I afraid to finish things?  Or is my attention span really that short?