Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smile, It will make your day better.

The other day a good friend was over and while we were chit chatting away sitting the couch, she spotted one of my afghans draped over the back of the couch.

"Did you make this?"
and then the question...
"Would you make me one?"
then the demands...
"Can you do Smileys in it?  And not so holey, and and..."

After she left, my mind was racing with ideas.  What would be the best way to make a blanket with smiley faces incorporated into it?  Filet crochet? Surface crochet? Tapestry crochet?  Embroidery?  This project is going to take some testing.

Test #1:  Filet Crochet

To start, I created a "Smiley Face Graph" using my computer.  I created a 20 x 20 square graph, where each square is one "Mesh".  I pulled out some cheap acrylic yarn from my stash and following the chart, went to work.

Here is how it turned out.

The project is 18" wide by 12" tall.   (The size is perfect for a place mat.)  The Smiley Face turned out well and I think it would be good for a subtle design element.

Would you like to make your very own Smiley Face?

Smiley Face Filet Crochet Chart
Any worsted weight yarn.
Size H Crochet hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends.

Chain 65.
DC in 8th Ch from hook. 
*Ch 2, skip 2 ch, DC in next chain.*  Repeat from * to * across. (You should end up with 20 open squares.)

Chain 2.  Turn.

Now you will start following the chart.
  • Start with the bottom row.
  • Even rows worked from Right to Left.
  • Odd rows worked from Left to Right.
  • Each square is one "mesh".
  • White squares are "closed" mesh. 
  • Black squares are "open" mesh.
Here are the first two rows written out...

Row one of chart, (or row 20):
*Two DC into ch 2 space, DC into DC from previous row.*  Repeat from * to * across. (20 "closed" mesh)
Chain 2.  Turn.

Row two of chart, (or row 19):
15 DC (or 5 "closed" mesh), *ch2, skip 2, DC*, repeat from * to * 11 times (or 12 "open" mesh). 15 DC(or 5 "closed" mesh).
Chain 2.  Turn.

If you have any questions or problems with the instructions or how to Filet Crochet email me at,