Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I woke up at three thirty in the morning with a terrible toothache, and tried to fall back asleep quickly with no avail. Four o'clock I was still awake in pain so to the pain killers I went. Unfortunately the pain killers took what felt like a lifetime to kick in, but I was finally able to fall back asleep (no idea when that was), and I received a little bit more sleep before JACK FM woke me up at six.

The achy tooth has given me problems off and on, but with no insurance and expensive living (food, gas, etc) I have tried to put off doing something about it. With the little episode last night I decided I can no longer put it off, daily doses of Tylenol isn't going to fix the problem. So I called my dentist this morning to schedule an appointment.

The receptionist, "Well, let me see...the earliest appointment...I can get you in January 29th..."

JANUARY 29TH!!! Are you kidding me?? My tooth hurts and the earliest I can get in is over a month from now!!

I called around to other dentists and received the same response. I am beginning to learn living here that you do not wait to schedule things other wise you will be waiting even longer.