Friday, September 26, 2008

Someone New

I am officially a new person! At least according to the gov't. July 3rd of this year I married my "person" (the one who truly knows me and loves me just the same), and this last week I have finally received my new social security card and now I carry his last name. Unfortunately as a new person I am not 20 lbs thinner with less grey hair. Same old me...different name. Case in point...I am still in a creative funk and having such a hard time finishing projects. Last Friday I started work on the recycled jeans pillow chair. As of right now it looks like an alien and nothing like a chair, which needs to look like one by next Saturday, for my very first movie night. I had to use 5 pairs of jeans and an entire box of Polyfil. It is in the final stage and as of right now I am not sure if I really even like it all that much. I plan to embellish it with some pockets and maybe a decal/patch or something. Who knows I may end up ripping it all apart and making something else...I am rebellious like that!