Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's coming...snow has dusted the tops of all the mountains, like powered sugar sprinkled atop a sweet brownie. I may be one of ten individuals on this island that is actually excited to see the snow, and here's I say to the others, "it will fall whether you complain about it or not, so you mine as well see the beauty in it!"
This winter I am looking forward to hockey, snowboarding and having a 4 wheeler fling me around on a frozen pond while clinging to an inner tube. Good times...good times!
Winter crafting??? I plan to conquer mittens/gloves and hopefully teach myself how to knit socks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Survived!!!!!

I have officially survived my first tax season, working at the accounting agency!! Oh big deal you may say...but there were days I did not think I would make it. Stress makes people crazy! I have learned though, I am not a stressful person. And in this world of accounting, it helps not to be just another crazy log on the fire.

Here are some goodies from this last week...

Finger food...This is a grilled ham and cheese biscuit sandwich.

Because everything deserves their own sweater...I hand knit a cozy for my external hard-drive.

And my new favorite dish, Bob's Red Mill Vegi Soup. Add carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, onion and spices...throw in the crock pot for 8 hours on low heat...dinner is served!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Movie Night

I have decided that since I am part of the "married couple" club now, I better start doing married couple things right? So I have organized movie night!! Where all of our friends, married or not, (cause I am not going to discriminate) can enjoy comfortable seating, cheaper snacks, booze and the wonderful pause button...oh and I can't forget the 42" LCD flat screen and blue ray movies.

I plan to host movie night the first Saturday of every month, and the first one was this past Saturday. It was a little unorganized and only one couple showed up. I had fun regardless, watching Hitman, drinking wine, and eating oreos. I am hopeful that more of our friends will join in, making it something to look forward to during the long cold and dark months of winter. (I should mention that it snowed yesterday, just slight flurries) My thoughts...even if I can't get one person to join in, my husband and I can still enjoy movie night!!

Side Note:
The recycled jeans chair....still where I left it, UNFINISHED! Maybe for the next movie night it will be finished?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

AN ALIEN!!!...oh it's just a chair?!

The "Alien" has been sitting out of the way, and untouched. I had made great progress on it, till well I stuffed it with Polyfil and determined something had gone terribly wrong. I had in fact done nothing wrong, just hadn't finished it. Last night, after my husband went to bed I decided I would take another look at the thing and see what I needed to do to finish it. I still don't believe that I am done with my recycled jeans chair....but I am close.....

It may not be ready for the hippie van....but at least it looks like a chair.