Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eat, Sleep, Work! Repeat.

Haven't been able to get any finished projects done of late.  It is that time of year, where my "real" job sucks all of my energy and creativity.  I hate tax deadlines!!  (and "real" jobs, why didn't I choose to be a go-go dancer?)

After logging into blogger, to read various blogs that I follow and feeling really bad about not posting, last night I pulled out my rotary cutter and, despite my aching back and tired eyes, started work on the rag rug.

A year ago, with some left over dye, I tie dyed three old t-shirts to be used at a later time.  I love how each shirt became a different shade of blue.  These t-shirts were my inspiration for making the rag rug.  The rug is going to be about the size of a kitchen mat, maybe a little bit bigger.  The colors will form an ombre effect, with speckles of black throughout.

Still to do, cut black strips, finish crocheting the base and put together.