Monday, October 24, 2011

Just call me a workaholic.

Yes it has been two weeks since my last post. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, it happens during this time of year, every year. Tax put it as simple as I deadlines suck.   They suck my time, energy and creativity.

At this point, I get two and a half months till the next deadline takes over my energy.  To really challenge myself, the rag rug is underway.

Little did I know, it is going to take longer than expected.  (what's new right?)  I had a skein of black that I thought would be enough for the base.  After fastening it off, I realized that base needed to be much larger.  Two half skeins of blues later, it finally was a good size.  Then came time to start attaching the strips.  I knew I did not have enough strips cut up, but I did not realize just how short I am. 

The rag rug will take quite some time to complete, but it is going to look so neat.