Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bad News...or maybe good?

The husband and I were sitting in the livingroom, enjoying our nice relaxed Sunday afternoon playing "Guitar Hero: Metallica", when our landlord knocks on our door.

"Bad news guys, we are selling our home and going to move in here!"...... *insert long pause here* ......

That's right, we are getting evicted. They will be putting their house up for sale at the end of May, in case you need me to do the math, that is a month away! They are offering us the home they are selling for a good price, and the home is is just in a bad location. Definately not a location I would ever choose to live.

The plan of attack....get approved for a home loan, start looking for a new place to live, work as many hours as we can, pray and hope everything will turn out for the best.....

Till then I will look out my window everyday so I can remember this view forever, because I will miss this view!