Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Skirt Gets New Life

I have had this beautiful tie dye sarong for many many years.  I would say over 10 years.  In the last 8 or so years it has sat in my closet and sat in the craft room pile of "clothes to refashion".  I have held on to it for so long, because of the beautiful colors.  It was not very functional for me though.  I am only 5'2" and sarongs are one size fits most, if you are 6 feet tall.  It drug on the floor and did nothing for my shape.  It made me look even shorter than I am, accentuated my belly and any sort of wind blew open the sarong exposing my underwear to anyone around me.

After my post yesterday, I motivated myself to pull out the sewing machine and the neglected sarong....and came up with this.

I started by sewing the two ends together to create a large tube.  From there I measured how long I wanted the skirt to be (just below my knees) and cut the top of the skirt off.  I wanted to leave the bottom in tact, because it has curved corners that I wanted to keep in the design.  I used the excess material to edge the bottom of the skirt with a two inch ruffle.  The skirt was way to big around the waist, so I had to take that in as well.  To hold the skirt up I used the original ties, sewn together and fed them through the top casing.

Voila, an old skirt gets a new life.