Monday, November 3, 2008

When in doubt...Make it!

I have had my eye on this $140 jacket for sometime now, yet I haven't been able to justify spending that amount of money on a jacket that won't be warm, is white so it will get dirty, and hard to wash. (it is though, a beautiful jacket)

My solution: I went to the store and thumbed thru a couple sewing pattern catalogues in search for a jacket pattern. I wanted something unique, and maybe something I change up or add to later. I found McCalls DIY Style pattern #M5714, purchased some fleece and with excitement headed home. All in all it took me 3 nights (an hour or 2 each night), deciding how I wanted my jacket to look like, cutting out the pattern, laying out the pieces, figuring out the directions and finally having a finished project that I am proud of.....

Still needs a few extra decorative touches, but for now DONE!! (and the total spent, $30 including the pattern.)