Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My first craft bazaar was anything but successful.

All last week I worked myself to the max, crocheting, cutting, tie dyeing and sewing...and all this happened after long 8 hour workdays at the office. The night before the show, I stayed up till 3:00am to get the final touches on some of the product. Like I said I worked myself to the max! My alarm clock screamed at 6:30am the morning of the show. I got ready, packed the van, and picked up my friend I was sharing the booth with. We arrive at the show with an hour and a half to set up...plenty of time. We both were very excited.

Within an hour of the show opening up to the public, the place started to get packed. Looking good I thought, should be a good show....then....no sells. Lots of people but no bags in their arms. What is going on I thought?

The 6 hour show went on forever! Our booth wasn't a total bust, we did have a total of 8 customers buy. But 8 customers in 6 hours is just not enough. For the biggest bazaar of the season, it was just not what I expected, and quite frankly not worth it.

After asking around to a couple vendors, we weren't the only ones. Most people said that they were down from last year. We both went home feeling very much defeated. All that work for practically nothing in return and for our first show, very disappointing......