Monday, June 22, 2009

Almost at the Finish Line

The big news came in on Friday....the loan went through and we can close on the house this Thursday and Friday. I spent much of my time this weekend packing and cleaning and feeling very very overwhelmed. I can't seem to finish a room, because there is always something I have to keep unpacked. I find it very bothersome that most of my craft supplies are in boxes, yet I don't have time to craft anyway, so it shouldn't matter. After 2 months of waiting this last week seems to not be enough time to get everything accomplished. Somehow I know it will get done.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking Out Frustrations

I love finding craft ideas that can help take out frustrations. On Wednesdays episode of Creative Juice they showed a technique of "hammering flowers". The project was Pounded Pansy Napkins. With a little research on the internet I found some other Pounded Flower tutorials and instructions, which gave me some good technique ideas. Now to find the flowers. A lady at work received flowers from a friend of hers and they were at their last little bit of life. They still looked good but in a day or two they would be in the trash. I told her about the project and without asking she offered the flowers to me. They were beautiful orange/red Lillie's. Much bigger than a Pansy, but hey its a flower why not try it.

When I got home I immediately started digging through my fabric looking for anything that was white and a cotton blend. I found soft jersey cotton and went to work...placing ever so carefully, taping the pedals down and hammering the juices out of the flowers. It was a little tedious of a project, and my arm started getting very tired from the pounding, but it was well worth it!

I pounded five flowers into the fabric, and also used some of the leaves. I didn't try to create any kind of pattern, because I wanted the final result to look very organic. I am also not sure what I will do with the fabric, maybe a table runner...maybe a scarf...maybe it will sit in my craft room and collect dust, who cares it was fun to do and I will definitely do this craft again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art Show News!

The art show is up! Last Friday was the Artist Reception and I went with two of my lady friends, whom also entered art into the show. With it being summer there wasn't as many entries as I would of hoped. For some reason the people in my town, shut down their hobbies for fishing season and outdoor activities. I disagree with this practice because I find the outdoors as well as the indoors a great place to knit and crochet....and the outdoors is a great place to gather shells, driftwood, and other stuff to use in my crafts. Also the outdoor activities rejuvenate me and spark my creativity. Why should one only craft or create art 9 months of the year?

So, what you have been waiting art hung up proudly on the walls!

Mine is the the fourth one from the left, circular sun, with a black border...

Mine is the second one from the left, circular sun made out of a crushed cd...Mine is the second one from the left, needle felted sun....