Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happily Sunburnt

If you live anywhere it rains a lot, then you know if it is sunny or nice out you better get youself out there and enjoy it.  On average, my beautiful island, gets rain 180 days a year.  This is why the island is so green though.

This summer I intend to take full advantage of any good weather and either play or work or work and play. 

Horseshoes!  I love to play horseshoes.  It reminds me of being a kid, enjoying summer BBQ's and playing tournaments with my family.  As a kid I didn't win much, I come from a very competive family (VERY) and I was the youngest, smallest, weakest but never got any special treatment, but I still liked to play.

When we bought our house, the horseshoe pits on the property was one of the selling features, although they needed a little work.  So four years later I have finally worked on them. 

Upper left photo...on the sides of the pits were wooden "planks" attached to the sub-frame.  Last year the hubby and I pulled those board up, because they were very rotted and either needed to be replaced or we had to come up with another plan.  Since some of the sub-frame was broken, we decided to dig up the sub-frame and just create a large pit.

Upper right photo....sub-frame dug out.
Lower left photo... spread out drainage rocks.
Lower right photo...after adding some additional sand and smoothing everything out, the Horseshoe pits are ready to play on.

So far I have played three games on them...and have been the winner each time!!!!