Monday, July 6, 2009

What the....?

It is sad times for the crafters on my island of paradise. WalMart is taking away the fabric department! Most of the fabric is already gone and just an empty space remains. I was told that they are expanding the electronics department.

The craft department is already fairly scarce. They are only carrying two brands of yarn, the fake flower section is made up of a few leaves and two or three different flowers, and everything else seems to only give you a few selections. The fabric section wasn't' the greatest, but was a nice alternative when you didn't want to spend $10.00 a yard for fabric at the locally owned fabric store. (yes I typed that price correctly) When I think about sewing, I think of making my own clothes, curtains, bags, blankets, and doing all of this for less money than I could buy these things. If I am going to spend $30 (or more) and my time to make one shirt, is it worth it when I can buy something already made for less? I still believe it may be for the uniqueness, but other than that I am not sure.

WalMart what have you done to me!!