Saturday, July 16, 2011

This will be a piece of cake!

That is what I thought when I started a project this morning around noon.  Still not finished, but progress is good enough, and I am too excited not to share.

The weather was beautiful today so I wanted to be outside.  I decided to tackle my backyard, which is my dogs yard.  My husband and I have been using our archway from our wedding as a "fence".  We used a baby gate in the middle and just blocked the empty space between the archway and the house with some logs and rocks.  It worked well enough, but anytime it was really windy the archway would blow over.

Here is the arch.  Notice the broken lattice, that is from it falling over.

The first step was to tear it apart.  This step proved to be quite the project.  They used lots of screws and a lot of them were stripped, rusted, and would break off or not move.  I ended up with the sledge hammer!

Once apart, the fun began.  To put it back together.  I used the base as the main side and the rest of the wood for supports, rails and the gate.  I dug out from under the porch some fish netting to cover the whole thing.

Feeling a little sad about my archway getting torn apart, I decided to use some of the lattice to make a beautiful peace sign on the new fence.

I still have to make a gate on the left hand side and tack down the netting some more...but for now, 6 hours later, I am just going to enjoy my new fence.