Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did I Not Speak Clearly?


Last Sunday I decided I was too tired or unmotivated to cook dinner so off to KFC/Taco Bell I went. I pulled into the drive thru and made my order....

"6 piece grilled chicken family meal, with mash potatoes...."
"2 Chalupa supreme's, no meat, sub beans...."
"1 Mexican pizza, no meat, sub beans..."
I look at the screen to confirm he got my order correct and drive forward.

I get home with my quick and easy dinner, put my PJ's on and then hear my husband complain that only 2 of the pieces of chicken is grilled....but will eat the extra crispy anyway. Which was nice because I really did not want to go back out. I sat down with my yummy Taco Bell, opened the Mexican Pizza box and checked to make sure there wasn't any meat on it (habit)...and low and behold, ALL meat no beans. What's wrong with that you may ask...I am a Vegetarian. So I go change my clothes, hop in the van, drive back to KFC/Taco Bell, go inside wait in a long line and re-order my food.....

"I asked for no meat, sub beans on this Mexican Pizza, and all that's on it is meat. I am a Vegetarian, I only want beans.....they leave me standing there in mid thought, because of course my bucket of chicken is wrong as well. They finally come back to me and I explain the next item..."I asked for grilled chicken and this box of chicken only had two grilled pieces of chicken......".

Then I wait.....and wait......and wait.....oh and wait some more. Finally a guy waves me over with a bucket of chicken, all grilled! But my Mexican pizza is no where to be found, and at this point I have two Chalupa Supreme's sitting at home going cold and soggy. I ask about my Mexican Pizza and it is still not made, "No meat, Sub Beans" I tell them again and I wait...and wait some more.

After about 20 minutes I am on my way home, hungry and ready for my "easy" dinner. I sit down again on my couch in my PJ's, open the box to the Mexican Pizza and peek in between the two crunchy tortillas........MEAT!!!! I did not go back, just sat and ate my luke warm, going soggy Chalupa's, way to frustrated to wait again.

This is a small town, with only one taco bell, and I order from there at least once every two weeks, the same thing, the same way every time...and it is wrong 4 out of 5 times.