Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tweet Tweet

This sad little bird house was saved and traveled with me when we moved three years ago into our house.  Many times, while living in the trailer the bird house would fall to the ground in heavy stormy weather.  Every time it would happen, I would pick it up and place it back in the tree.  Hind sight would tell me, that if I wanted it to stay in the tree, I should of just fastened it better.

When we moved, I insisted on bringing it with us.  I am not sure why, it wasn't even mine in the first place, just left by the last renter, but I am sort of attached to it.   For the last three years though, it has been neglected, sitting in the dark, on a shelf in the shop.  It sat there because I wanted to paint it and make it better, but never made the time to just do it.  Till now!

I painted the entire thing with regular house paint.  Added some new sticks and a new perch.  This will be the perfect little home for a family of finches. (and this time I will fasten it better to the tree.)

Back View

Front View