Monday, March 8, 2010

A whole month!

I can't believe I let an entire month go by without posting. Actually in a way I can....the last month has been dampened by rain. And although I don't mind rain...."whomever said happiness came with sunshine, has never danced in the rain" does get old after weeks of non stop rain and dark skies.

Today the sky is not grey and rainy, but white and snowing and blowing. Oh joy winter has finally hit.

As far as crafts go, not much has been happening. Hopefully soon I will have some new things to show off. Three weeks ago I did a Matryoshka Doll painting class (Russian Nesting Dolls), they are almost complete, just having a tough time with the faces....I hate faces! I am also trying to finish up my nieces Christmas present that I didn't finish in time for Christmas (I know bad auntie). I have also been working on some new skirts for work. Unfortunately all these things are unfinished, where o where did my motivation go??