Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Couldn't Resist

The weather for the past week has been in the low 70's. You must believe me when I say that 70 degrees in Alaska is like 90 degrees elsewhere. The reason, well could be a combination of a few things...being in the Northern Hemisphere means we are closer to the sun...our sky is very clear...who knows the exact reason but the sun is defiantly hotter!

So the other night I am sitting with my husband watching TV, talking and trying to cool down when I hear the most beautiful music, the ice cream lady. "Do you have any cash? Where is she? I hear her!" We paused the TV, sat very quiet, and tried to figure out what street she was on. I step out on the porch to look for her. Unfortunately the sound disappeared. She went down a different street. I grabbed $10 and sat it on the coffee table just in case she came back.

About 5 minutes later I hear her, in the time it takes me to grab my money and open my front door there she is. I ran out and flagged her down! She stops, gets out, looks at me and giggles to herself (and continues to giggle at me). She laughs at me for wanting ice cream!

I get inside the house with my two $4.50 (each) ice cream cookie sandwiches. Look at my husband and start laughing uncontrollably. "She was laughing at me....I feel so ashamed." Is it wrong for a 29 year old to run after the ice cream lady on a hot day??