Friday, January 30, 2009

Stepping out from the day to day...

Last weekend I was in the mood for adventure, or just getting out of the house. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day routines, and find yourself stuck in a rut. I have been in a rut!

Last Saturday after asking the husband a million times if he wanted to do anything, with the response of "I don't know", I loaded the dogs in the van and headed an hour out of town. The road was anything but pleasant. The frost this winter has bent and bowed the road in all sorts of wonderful ways. If I wasn't paying attention to my speed I would hit one of these "ramps" and send the van flying.

I finally made it to the beach, with everyone in one piece, and just in time for this......

The vans' thermometer said 43 degrees, the beach was empty and the sky was filled with an amazing gold hue. The dogs and I walked along the beach absorbing up every ray of sunshine and enjoying the calming peace and quiet. I find the going to the beaches around the island is my therapy, and this trip was even more than therapeutic then I imagined it would be. At the end of this day I was refreshed, happy and energized.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learning to be Resourceful

With gas prices high ($2.84 here), the price of food increasing ($9 for a block of cheese, are you serious?) and just over all high prices everywhere, I keep trying to come up with ways to save money, spend less, and be resourceful. I spend the time to plan a two week dinner menu and make a grocery list based on that...when offered hand me down clothes I jump on the offer...mend things instead of buying new...and stuff of that nature.

So since I am trying to be economical, I thought to myself one day, "Why pay $40 for a bra or $3-5 each for underwear when I could make my own??" Sounds crazy I know, but the only way for me to purchase a bra that will fit is to order on line. The problem with this is it may not fit right when I get it, so I have to return it, and most vendors do not make my size in pretty colors, fabrics etc. I usually just find something that kind of works at Walmart and then hardly ever wear it. You have no clue how many of those I have in my dresser. Now I haven't tried it yet, just bought the pattern, but can't wait start!!

What things do you do to save on money??

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Project Done to Start the New Year

As promised the other is the finished shrug!! I really need to come up with some kind of mannequin. Self portraits are so hard to take, when you are trying to be the model as well.

Warm, cozy, and fashionable too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not New Year Resolutions, Just a Plan

I DO NOT make new years resolutions. I used to as a kid and found it fun to write down goals for the year. The unfortunate and disappointing thing is I hardly ever keep to any of my resolutions. So instead I thought I would just mention (out loud), some things I would like to do this year (or next).

I would like to....
  • Start writing my own knitting/crochet patterns.
  • Set up an Etsy shop (which also means coming up with what I want to sell).
  • Complete at least one project a month.
  • Start a local craft swap group.
  • Join the Saturday knitting group at the local fiber shop.

Ask me how I am going to do any of that?! I can't tell you. I always have a problem of wanting to do too much and end up doing nothing. I have finally managed to finish the shrug I have been working on the other night, I will post pictures soon. It has been sitting around in the knitting bag for quite sometime, so maybe, just maybe I have stepped into the right direction this year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The holidays have come and quickly flown by, and believe it or not we are already six days into the new year. The lack of posting on this blog is the result of two four day weekends in a row.

Looking back to last year, I got married and found a great job. Looking forward to the year ahead........I guess we'll see........