Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Craft Room Organization

This is one of the projects I finished last Thursday. I think it will be the perfect addition to my craft room.

Other news...it's my birthday today and I have been granted the day off. It started snowing yesterday and continued throughout the day and into the night. A friend stopped by last night with the intentions of only staying for an hour. In that hour snow blew under his SUV and high centered it. This means that the only way to get it moving is to yank it out with another vehicle. He stayed the night on the couch last night! I woke up to the local radio station DJ announcing all the places closed today and announcing that the Department of Transportation has suggested to everyone, only head out if absolutely necessary. I look out at the drive way to find 4 to 6 foot snow drifts surrounding everything. I turn on our porch light to see our friends SUV.....

He is parked behind my van....I don't think I am going to get to work today.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Night of Creativity

A four day craft hiatus has ended. Since last Sunday, after coming home from work, cooking dinner, grocery shopping and cleaning, I would sit on the couch to relax but just couldn't. I needed to do something...craft something...be creative! Unfortunately nothing sparked my interest. I couldn't think of a new project and none of my works in progress appealed to me.

That is until last night.

My husband went bowling and with the house to myself (and the dogs), I went into the craft room and...well went crazy!! I set up the sewing machine to finally finish a shirt I started months ago. Then I plugged in the glue gun, brought out the paint, canvas and cork board squares and set up shop in the kitchen.

I started by squirting green paint on the canvas and with quick paint strokes, the canvas was covered. During the drying time I laid out the fabric, pinned on the pattern and cut out the extra pieces needed to finish the shirt. By the time all the pieces of fabric was ready to sew, the canvas was dry. So I placed the cork board on the canvas and marked where I wanted it. Using 3 glue sticks I secured the cork board to the canvas. Back to the shirt....I assembled and hemmed every last piece and tried it on. Everything looked great except for the sleeves, I looked like a football player and had to go back to the drawing board.

Instead, I went back to the cork board and decided to jazz it up with some paint details. Some green on the edges and Daisy's on two of the corners. By then I had a solution to the sleeves, I would run cotton thread through the hem and bunch it up into a cute puff sleeve...no more Jettson's space sleeves. In two hours two projects complete!!!

You would think that would be the end to my madness, but no I stayed up till 1am crocheting a poncho with a ball of yarn I purchased 2 summers ago.

My creativity is back and I feel great!!!

Pictures of the finished projects will be posted as soon as I can see straight and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Now What?

In trying to be better with my spending I have decided to adopt some of my neglected works in progress. One project in particular is a tank or vest or....well I haven't quite figured out what I want the end project to be. I started this project almost two years ago. Since then my knitting has improved and I have become quicker producing the stitches. When I started the project each row was taking me some time to complete and in turn I got bored. Today I am whipping thru each row in no time flat that I can't seem to put the project down....I AM OBSESSED. I will complete 3 or 4 rows and decide to let my aching hands rest (arthritis stinks), only to pick it back up after only a minute or two.

On to the bad news..........

The Walmart here is no longer carrying the yarn! And I don't have the label for the yarn so I have no clue as to what brand. I have such great momentum with this project. I don't want to put it down again. I can't rip it out. I have almost two years invested in this little project. It has been on the same circular needle for the entire two years. Where do I go from here??

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have finally taken pictures of my newly knit hat, finished it about 2 weeks ago. The pattern came from Woolly Wormhead, it is the Meret pattern, although since I used a variegated yarn you can't see the pattern in it very well. I still really like the way it came out, although the true test will be if I wear it.