Friday, November 6, 2009

Working thru the Pain

I am signed up with a friend for the Annual Holiday Bazaar at the local high school. I was too indecisive toward the beginning of planning for this that I don't have as much product as I would like. My mother has been selling her crafts for over 20 years and has always taught me you need lots of product! So needless to say each night is spent working my fingers to the bone. Up until now I haven't realized how bad my arthritis and carpal tunnel is...but I will force myself to work through the pain because I have to get out there. It was my fault for not planning better and that is why they make pain killers, right?

I am really excited, but then again really nervous about the bazaar. Maybe because I am a shy person, don't like being judged...I am not sure. I think that is where the indecision and procrastination came from. I am pushing thru it though, especially since this is what I really want to do, sell my crafts.