Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adventures in Crochet

The hooks are hot, my hands are sore and some great things are starting to come together.  I started a rag rug a long time ago and put it down because I wasn't getting the increases correct in the corners.  The rug just would not lay flat.  While looking around in the craft room for a project to work on, I came across this so called half complete wavy rug and the strips of fabric already cut for more torture of fighting this thing and thought...."I really should just crochet the rug."  So I put the wavy thing aside, grabbed the strips and the largest crochet hook I have and went to work.

I am very happy with the difference between the crochet and "rag rug" knots.  The crochet rug is soft and airy.  I am only about a third finished with the rug, if that.  I would like it to be large enough to fill the floor to the craft room.  I would also like there to be at least 4 or 5 more colors.

Craft Fair Item.
Hair accessories never go out of style, right?  Below is the first, of many, crochet head bands.  It is crocheted with cotton yarn so it is soft and won't be too hot.  It has a crochet button to join the ends at the back of the neck, making it easy to put on.  A great way to get your hair out of your face.

Something New.
A good friend gave me a crochet book a while back with all sorts of different stitches, motifs and techniques.  I am learning everything from Irish Lace to Broomstick Lace to three dimensional crochet and everything in between.  One thing that caught my eye was a "woven" flat pattern.  Used mainly for place mats and table runners, for its flat, even surface.  I can see many possibilities with this...a skirt maybe, or scarf, or maybe a bag....hmmm...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Review

The Gnome House and Gnome Family made it to their new home with my niece last week.  And does she like them???  SHE LOVES THEM!!  I am happy to report that she is having lots of fun playing with them.  The other night, on her way to bed she grabbed them suddenly and held on tight, so my sister would let her take them with her.  How sweet is that?

Up on top of my to do list....make more Gnome Families!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Afraid? Me?

"I think you are afraid to finish anything", my husband tells me regarding all of my unfinished projects.
"No I am not!"

Now I think he may be right.  The Gnome house for my niece was 95% done a week and a half ago.  I just needed to make one more little kid, and give the first kid arms.  That is only an hour (or two) worth's of work.  An hour, and it took me a week and a half.  I did finish it and mailed it off last Saturday.

I finally started taking in some of my pants, which are all to big now.  Total weight lost so far? 23 pounds.  (The last 10 is hanging on.)  BUT I just couldn't finish all of them.  It is really easy and I have all of them marked, which is the time consuming part of the job.  So why did I leave pants undone?

The vest/shirt I picked back up, sitting on the bottom shelf of the coffee table.  Little progress has been made.  I would love to make an inventory of all my unfinished projects, maybe seeing them lined out on paper would give me incentive to either finish them or scrap them.

So, am I afraid to finish things?  Or is my attention span really that short?