Friday, September 19, 2008

Mii Fit?...need Wii Fit!

I kept seeing, hearing and reading about the Wii fit board. Well seeing as I am a huge Wii junkie I "NEEDED" one. Which I actually I didn't think I needed one till I saw it at the store, then my addiction kicked in. I grabbed the box, held it up, then quietly yelled across the aisle, "HONEY, HONEY LOOK!! CAN I HAVE IT?" By the time he turned to look at me I was already hugging the box and giving him my best puppy dog eyes. Like my hubby would ever say NO to me!

The box was opened and set up as soon as I got home. I find it very fun way to get your booty off the couch, my favorite is the yoga and the way it shows your balance. I must warn you though, this thing is brutally honesty.

The first step you need to do when you start off is tell it your age, height and step on it to get weighted. I did this, knowing I am no where close to 105 lbs or even what one would consider my ideal weight. I stood on the board, it tells me to relax and not to fidget...analysing...please wait...I stand there stiff as a board, nervous as heck to find out what it will tell me. Finally the BMI (Body Mass Index) result, I watch as the indicator bar goes up and up, obese (which means I am about 20-30 lbs more than I should be). Then I look at my mii on the screen, she's a cartoon version of me with piggy tail braids and freckles and now about 30lbs larger then she was, yes this thing actually made my mii....well look like me, not the fantasy version I had designed her to be.

The next step is to do a balance test. Yeah with my clumsy self this should be fun right. During both the tests my hubby sits on the couch laughing (out loud) and saying "wow, I knew you were a little clumsy...just not that much". Ha Ha thanks hubby. Luckily I can laugh at myself and was laughing just as much as he was. Then to make my self esteem weaken just a little more, my favorite toy speaks to me....

You are very you trip on your own feet.

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