Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learning to be Resourceful

With gas prices high ($2.84 here), the price of food increasing ($9 for a block of cheese, are you serious?) and just over all high prices everywhere, I keep trying to come up with ways to save money, spend less, and be resourceful. I spend the time to plan a two week dinner menu and make a grocery list based on that...when offered hand me down clothes I jump on the offer...mend things instead of buying new...and stuff of that nature.

So since I am trying to be economical, I thought to myself one day, "Why pay $40 for a bra or $3-5 each for underwear when I could make my own??" Sounds crazy I know, but the only way for me to purchase a bra that will fit is to order on line. The problem with this is it may not fit right when I get it, so I have to return it, and most vendors do not make my size in pretty colors, fabrics etc. I usually just find something that kind of works at Walmart and then hardly ever wear it. You have no clue how many of those I have in my dresser. Now I haven't tried it yet, just bought the pattern, but can't wait start!!

What things do you do to save on money??

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