Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Losing Battle

I have always tried to keep my dogs (mainly Kane) off the furniture. Even with my old beat up couch I was very strict. My husband on the other hand is a huge push over. With our old couch he started by just letting Kane up when I wasn't home, then when I went to bed and eventually even if I was sitting on the recliner next to him. Poor you can't, yes you can, no you can't. How confusing!

We recently bought a brand new couch after the recliner's frame broke. It's a beautiful five piece sectional and my very first piece of NEW furniture. With the new couch, comes new rules...or old one's that keep getting broken. NO DOGS ON THE COUCH! I don't think I would have a huge problem with them on the couch if they wouldn't dig into it with their claws to get themselves comfortable. Heck if it were about their hair and smell, I would have to kick the husbands friends off the couch as well.

So when we are home we have been reinforcing the no dogs on the couch rule, but when we leave it's a very different story. Each time I come home the evidence is there. Pillows on the floor, blanket pulled down from the back and balled up into a nice warm oval, and the wonderful dog slobber spot. He knows he is not supposed to be up there, yet he does it anyway. How do I keep the dogs off my furniture??

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  1. Get a kennel for when you aren't home!!! Chewy stays in a kennel when we leave the house and is not allowed on our furniture.