Thursday, February 5, 2009

Setting up Shop

Yesterday while trying to work, and not succeeding, I decided to bite the bullet and set up an Etsy Shop...everyone else has one, shouldn't I? I did this in hopes that it will motivate me to start selling my crafts. I WANT to start selling, but for some reason I always hit a road block (get to busy at work, don't know what to sell, rejection of no one buying my creations, etc) Right now the "store" is empty but after the weekend I hope to have some items posted.

The big push to do this started when I brought in my breakfast one day last apple with it's little sweater, sitting nice and snug on my desk. "Is that a cozy for your Apple?" "That is so cute!". This was followed by more co-workers gathering around to giggle and smile at the Apple Sweater. Then one of my co-workers asked if I would make two of them, for her grand-children....then another co-worker asked if I would make her one, purple....and another co-worker asked if I would make her one too. (And they want to pay)

I think my fear for rejection has hindered me somewhat in selling my crafts. The thought that I would go to a craft fair, pay the booth space and have nothing sell. I need to just put myself out there!!

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