Friday, March 13, 2009

Now What?

In trying to be better with my spending I have decided to adopt some of my neglected works in progress. One project in particular is a tank or vest or....well I haven't quite figured out what I want the end project to be. I started this project almost two years ago. Since then my knitting has improved and I have become quicker producing the stitches. When I started the project each row was taking me some time to complete and in turn I got bored. Today I am whipping thru each row in no time flat that I can't seem to put the project down....I AM OBSESSED. I will complete 3 or 4 rows and decide to let my aching hands rest (arthritis stinks), only to pick it back up after only a minute or two.

On to the bad news..........

The Walmart here is no longer carrying the yarn! And I don't have the label for the yarn so I have no clue as to what brand. I have such great momentum with this project. I don't want to put it down again. I can't rip it out. I have almost two years invested in this little project. It has been on the same circular needle for the entire two years. Where do I go from here??

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