Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bright Skies

Since finding out I have to move from my gorgeous place, my days have been spent packing, cleaning and house hunting. All of my favorite things...ok not really, but someone has to do them.

My husband and I spent a grueling day last Saturday driving around looking at homes, all of which we can't afford. Who can afford a $745,000 home these days?? We saw everything from a run down 3 bedroom that smelled like cat pee to a nice three bed room with an integrated Television system...the TV's came with the home. We then looked at the home our landlord is selling.....it is perfect!! It is just the right size for us, a corner lot so it's a little more private, nice shop with stainless steel sink and peg board throughout, big kitchen, a little yard for the dogs and much more.

We plan to buy this house!!!!!

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