Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking Out Frustrations

I love finding craft ideas that can help take out frustrations. On Wednesdays episode of Creative Juice they showed a technique of "hammering flowers". The project was Pounded Pansy Napkins. With a little research on the internet I found some other Pounded Flower tutorials and instructions, which gave me some good technique ideas. Now to find the flowers. A lady at work received flowers from a friend of hers and they were at their last little bit of life. They still looked good but in a day or two they would be in the trash. I told her about the project and without asking she offered the flowers to me. They were beautiful orange/red Lillie's. Much bigger than a Pansy, but hey its a flower why not try it.

When I got home I immediately started digging through my fabric looking for anything that was white and a cotton blend. I found soft jersey cotton and went to work...placing ever so carefully, taping the pedals down and hammering the juices out of the flowers. It was a little tedious of a project, and my arm started getting very tired from the pounding, but it was well worth it!

I pounded five flowers into the fabric, and also used some of the leaves. I didn't try to create any kind of pattern, because I wanted the final result to look very organic. I am also not sure what I will do with the fabric, maybe a table runner...maybe a scarf...maybe it will sit in my craft room and collect dust, who cares it was fun to do and I will definitely do this craft again.


  1. I love this creation and am going to have to try it myself. How fun and it's beautiful!

  2. Stopping in from Swap-Bot . .

    This project is so cool . . . and just the sort of craft to do when you are really stressed ;)