Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How dare you steal my bed!

Chevy (the cat) has had a bed of his own next to my side of the bed for a long time. During the move his "Kitty Cube" aka bed, turned into a dog toy box. Their old toy box was the bottom of his kennel and I needed that to move him from trailer to house. Unfortunately for Chevy, I like the "Kitty Cube" as a Dog toy box...they can't dump all their toys out easily, it is foam so they can't hurt it and it is the perfect size. Don't worry about Chevy though, because he is well taken care of. Instead of his "Kitty Cube", he now has a deluxe Chevy Bed........

Here is Chevy checking it out, before I put the final reinforcements and cushion on it...

Looks like he approved.


1) Cut Cardboard to form a cube.

2) Cut fabric to cover Cardboard.

3) Hot glue fabric to cardboard.

4) Hot glue cube pieces together.

5) Reinforce corners...drill some holes and use yarn to tie them together.

Cushion was made with an old tee shirt and stuffed will scrap fabric and old batting.

Final product...approved by Chevy. (I think he likes it, although I did rub fresh Cat Nip on the cushion)

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