Friday, January 8, 2010

A Look Back

Happy New's Twenty-Ten, shouldn't we be riding in hover cars by now? I love watching old movies and giggling about how we envisioned the way the future would be.

2009 was a good year!
  1. Bought my first home.

  2. My husband and I celebrated our one year marriage anniversary.

  3. Met my adorable niece in September, she turned one this October.

  4. Did two craft shows...they weren't the greatest, but I did them.

  5. Tried Woodburning and Reverse Print making for the first time. Love Woodburning, not so much into print making but fun regardless.

  6. Started learning bookkeeping, I am now the Receptionist/IT/Internal Bookkeeper for the company I work for.

And many more ups and downs, but all in all a great year! Cheers to 2009 and on to 2010!

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