Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Going Global!

Every Friday night I am invaded by "Man Night".  My Hubby and his buddies get together in the man room and play cards till all hours of the night.  This Monday, the hubby comes to me and asks if I can make a Tee Shirt with his Poker Room Sign on it.  Hmmmm, I thought....been wanting to try a technique?!?!

Why?  Well, for the past several months, every Thursday night a local bar in town has been holding Texas Hold'em tournaments.  The winner each week won a seat at the final table...tonight.  The winner tonight wins round trip tickets to Vegas to play in a tournament.  If one of my hubby's buddies win, he is going to give them the "Bob's Poker Room" shirt to wear when they are down there.

What I did was very simple, and I plan to experiment with a few things, with a couple other projects.  How it was made.......


  • Tee Shirt

  • Gel Bleach Pen

  • Cardboard

  • Chalk
  1. Start by putting the cardboard inside the shirt to separate the back and front, so you don't get any bleed through.
  2. Using the Chalk, draw the design you want.  I would make it fairly simple, too intricate would be hard to draw with a Gel Bleach Pen.
  3. Next, with the Gel Bleach Pen, carefully "trace" over your chalk.
  4. Let the Bleach do its job.  I left the bleach on till the gel was practically dried out. (About 45 min)
  5. Rinse off the Gel.
  6. Wash in washer.
  7. Enjoy!

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