Friday, February 11, 2011


What was I thinking??  While browsing the local fiber store, a while ago, the owner was opening up boxes of new inventory.  I couldn't resist, I love watching boxes being open.  A new sock yarn emerged, Online SuperSocke self patterning yarn.  With such beautiful colors, nice texture and durability, I immediately started picking a skein I liked.  The price tag...about $20...ouch!  Did that matter at the time though, not really. 

This skein of yarn sat, unattended for months.  I thought about making a pair of socks with it, but a $20 pair of socks??  Plus, I haven't knitted socks before and find them a little intimidating.  So fingerless gloves came to mind next, but I couldn't find a pattern that called for the weight of this yarn.  My brilliant idea...a triangle scarf and I would make it as big as the skein allowed.  Simple and easy.

What was I thinking??  Although I am loving the colors and the way it is looking so far, this project is going to take me forever.  It only keeps my attention for a short time (knitting is like that for me), the needles I have to use to make the self patterning yarn do its job are so small which means the rows are very short and well I am just not that fast of a knitter.  To say this is a challenge for me is an understatement.  My commitment to this project is 100% though and if it takes me years to get this done, oh well, all I have is time right?

Picture:  Start of the Triangle Scarf.  Would you believe I have been working on this, on and off, for a couple months?


  1. I've made one, following a pattern and was rather disappointed. It was a kerchief sized one instead of a full sized shawl (which I didn't see because I didn't bother to check out finished projects). The colours look beautiful, and if it's a simple design, try knitting and reading. Get a hardcover, prop the beast open (remote control weights and hair claws work wonders) and go with it. When my stitches started to number 80+ it was the only thing I could do to keep going on it.

  2. Priestess Raven, I am getting to that point, where I have so many stitches that each row takes forever and after one or two rows I get bored. So to keep me interested I keep adding new design elements, i.e. cables, eyelets etc. My stubbornness is making me complete this even if it takes me 20 years.