Friday, March 18, 2011

Oops I Did It Again

"I am going to finally finish a holiday project"..."Because I mentioned it on my blog I will have to finish something."...."I will not procrastinate!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I searched for days for the perfect Shamrock to make.  I had the projects all laid out.  A simple Shamrock head band.  The Shamrock was going to be about 3" square.  Three crochet chain cords would be attached to the back in order to tie the head band on.  I also wanted to make a three Shamrock necklace.  Each Shamrock would be a different size and ordered from biggest to smallest.  The biggest would sit at the center of the necklace and the other two would travel up one side.

Did I even touch the yarn or a crochet hook to make these very simple  At about 11 o'clock the night before St. Patrick's Day, I was laying on my couch watching TV, when I looked at the clock and grumbled to myself.

I have done it again.  I have made nothing.

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