Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Neglected Project

How sad projects must get, after so much attention and excitement for them, to only get half done and set aside.

Years ago, I started making these flowers...I made a ton of them.  When it came to connecting them to make a blanket I got stumped as to how I should do it.  At first I thought I could just whip stitch them all together.  That was taking forever and did not look as well as I would of liked.  So all the little flowers got shoved into an old cheese ball container and set aside (for 3 to 4 years).  Till now!

After much research in how to connect afghan blocks, I think the blanket can finally get worked on and finished.  I detached all the flowers I connected so long ago and started crocheting a border that will create a Pentagon shape.  The border will help give a straight edge in order to connect all the shapes.  This is my first Afghan block blanket...and without a pattern, I am either brave or stupid. 

If I can work all the kinks out, I will try to write out a pattern.

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