Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A very good friend of mine is moving off the island and gave me two dressers.  One of them she had painted sea creatures all over it with acrylic paint, for her sons bedroom.  This dresser, I wanted to use in my craft room, so the paint didn't bother me too much.  In order to "fit" into the craft room, the dresser needed a Beatles makeover.

I started by taking all the hardware off, and went to work washing, scraping and sanding as much of the paint off I could. 

Some of the paint was very stubborn.  It was ok though because most of it was getting covered.

On a laser printer, I printed out tons of black and white pictures from the internet.  Then cut and trimmed all the white space away.

Using a foam brush and Modge Podge Matte I first laid down a layer of newspaper paper.  Then topped that with the pictures I had printed out.

The finished project (for now).  I still intend to do some more sanding and removing of paint.  I am also going to write or paint lyrics all over it.  For now it has a great spot in the Craft Room and all the drawers are already full with yarn.

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