Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Challenge

Every Thursday is "Crochet Night" with a friend of mine.  We crochet, talk, laugh and drink tea.  Girl time is healing.  When we started this a few months back, we both decided to work on our "30 year" projects.  Both are done!!!  So we have started a new challenge......

The Friendship Blanket Crochet Motif Challenge

To crochet one of all 144 Motifs, more if yarn permits.

  • The two of us will divide all the motifs, I am in charge of Odd numbered motifs.
  • We have chosen six different colors of yarn.
  • Once all motifs are crocheted, we will divide the motifs we each did in half and give one half to the other.
  • We will each make a "Friendship Blanket" with our motifs.

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