Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Craft Room Organization

This is one of the projects I finished last Thursday. I think it will be the perfect addition to my craft room.

Other news...it's my birthday today and I have been granted the day off. It started snowing yesterday and continued throughout the day and into the night. A friend stopped by last night with the intentions of only staying for an hour. In that hour snow blew under his SUV and high centered it. This means that the only way to get it moving is to yank it out with another vehicle. He stayed the night on the couch last night! I woke up to the local radio station DJ announcing all the places closed today and announcing that the Department of Transportation has suggested to everyone, only head out if absolutely necessary. I look out at the drive way to find 4 to 6 foot snow drifts surrounding everything. I turn on our porch light to see our friends SUV.....

He is parked behind my van....I don't think I am going to get to work today.

1 comment:

  1. I kept meaning to come by here this week to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday... but what can I say? I'm a terrible friend who is scatter brained.

    I hope you had a fantastic birthday and if you were in Anchorage, I would take you out for a margarita!

    Miss you, my friend.