Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Art" Show

For the month of June, Summer Solstice art will grace the walls of a local coffee shop. Usually one artist is featured and displays their work. June is special because it will be a multi artist showing. Anyone can enter up to 3 pieces, they will all be 6" x 6", some for sale, some not and all will be in the theme of Summer Solstice. I decided to enter some artwork about 3 weeks ago and last night, 2 weeks before deadline, started work on my first piece.

The theme of the my first entry is "Summer of Love 1967". You can find a description HERE! And here is the starting of the piece......

Yes there is still a lot to do but the most time consuming part is complete. The background is going to be tie dye, possibly the material it is sitting on now and the lyrics to "Here Comes the Sun" (the beatles), maybe. All I know for sure is this sun is the focal point.

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