Friday, May 15, 2009

A Crafting Getaway

We have signed the purchase agreement for the house, met with the home mortgage loan officer, and now just waiting for the appraiser to do his work. We only have one appraiser in town and I have heard he is taking up to four weeks to turn the appraisal in. Our closing date is June 30th and if you ask me too far away.

The thing I am the most excited about is my new craft room. Not a craft storage room, closet or actual room completely dedicated to me and my crafts. Some things I plan to do with my craft room.....

  • The bean bag will definitely occupy one corner.
  • I want to create a cork board border on one or two walls.
  • There will be a large sturdy work table with the sewing machine and rotary mat always set up.
  • To Do board.

That is just a few things I have thought of. I am getting so very excited, yet very scared at the same time. This will be the first time I will live in a place where I can do with it what I please, if I decide to take an ax to the side of the house, well I can because it will be mine. It's so weird growing up, and then again I may be 29, but I still feel 14.

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